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角丸四角形: Click "Settings"
角丸四角形: Click "Settings" on StickyKeys
角丸四角形: Check "Use shortcut" Off
Click "OK" button
角丸四角形: How to use
角丸四角形: Settings
角丸四角形: Click AE Icon on Windows Task Bar
1) Choose new datas
      Choose new DataSet from DataSheet.
2) Set up the way of lesson
        The following Window will appears.
3) Edit data [New/Edit/Del]
       Data.xls(Microsoft Excel DataSheet) will appears. Please edit datas in concord with "Editorial Manual".
4) Back up data file 
       Folder including Data.xls will appears.
       Please copy data.xls to other place.
5) Help
      This site will be appears
6) Version information
      Just Version information
7) Set the functions of AE Off
       Set the all of functions of AE Off
      Click this again for Set it On.
8) Exit
      Exit AE